Breanne Johnson is an artist and designer living and working in Mexico City. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Bachelor of Art degrees in Visual Art and Political Science from the University of Chicago. Born in California, Breanne shares citizenship with the United States and Curaçao. Her design work focuses on furniture, objects, spaces, happenings and small architectures that examine our relationship to the social and physical spaces we inhabit, in pursuit of deeper social connection, self-embodiment and greater authenticity. She enjoys thinking about the home, broadly, as an ever-changing and malleable space. As both an artist and designer, Breanne identifies strongly as a creative problem solver, and grapples with a diverse range of problems through a diverse range of media; she has been, and remains, a carpenter, a painter, a filmmaker, a host, a landscape artist, a space-maker, a clothing designer, a metalworker, a ceramicist, a sculptor, a writer, a cook and a sandwich artist. She avoids resolving ideas completely prior to their execution, so that her various projects and investigations grant her the freedom to workshop, play and respond.


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