Collaboration with George P. Perez

The Mobile Coffee Booth existed for two weeks in April 2022. It traveled each evening after close, opening each morning in a new location on Cranbrook Academy of Art’s campus, and providing coffee to passers by, alongside a variety of other foods and services—dependent on whomever was volunteer staffing the booth. It operated on a “pay what you want” model and created incentive for gathering, becoming an ephemeral and unofficial social hub wherever it appeared. The booth collected water and borrowed power from neighboring buildings and circuits, and utilized Cranbrook’s trash collecting facilities, thus functioning like an architectural parasite. Three folding chairs hung off its frame, turning any sidewalk or location into a potential cafe. Due to its provisional form and materiality, its community felt welcome and invited to embellish and modify the booth, adding things like a newspaper rack, reusable mugs, a wall mounted bottle opener and signage. It was a product of the efforts of its many contributors, the community it served.

Special thanks to volunteers:
Jae Song
William Lanzillo
Meirav Ong
Declan Knight
Zena Segre
Cooper Siegel
Erika NJ Allen
Noah Zirpoli
Kiwi Nguyen
Megha Gupta
Walker Walls Tarver

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